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"We Are Not All That Different"

Watch Seconde's TEDx Talk on Race and Other Identity Constructs.

 Author, Inspirational Speaker and Diversity Trainer Seconde Nimenya discovered through her migration to North America that the similarities of people around the world bridge the things which separate us.  

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We Offer the Best in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Training. Our Goal is to Bridge the Gaps Between Communities and Connect People With a Common Purpose. 

We Provide: Training, cultural coaching and consulting services for clients that require customizable leadership insights, and specific outcomes. Some of our clients include global organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies that need the support in expanding their global reach. 

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Common Purpose Training Services is a full training and coaching service that delivers the best practices in diversity and inclusion leadership for navigating our diverse and multicultural world we live in. 

At CPTS, We Offer the Best in Diversity Education and Training to Employees, Staff and Organization Leaders. This Program is also for those Involved in Planning Workforce Recruitment and Retention, Affinity Groups, Inspiring them on How to Motivate and Engage Employees and Staff.



Author, Founder and Entrepreneur

Seconde Nimenya shares her multinational, multicultural, and multilingual expertise and perspectives, rooted in experience from her more than 20 years of working in various organizations and diverse roles and settings. Whether it is in Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities around the world, or in community organizations and groups, Seconde has the ability to inspire, inform and educate on various key issues around the world. 

Seconde Nimenya – is a Diversity & inclusion Expert with more than twenty years of experience in multicultural diversity. She is a leading speaker, trainer, and advocate on diversity and inclusion. Her focus is on racial and cultural differences that drive organizations and their clients to innovate. 

In her TEDx Talk from TEDxSnoIsleLibraries  2016 on race and other identity constructs, titled, “We Are Not All that Different,"  Seconde makes the case that at our very core, we are far more alike than different, and  has been hailed as the most inspirational talk for our times.  


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At CPTS, we offer solutions that range from program development to coaching for navigating cultures and globalization, global diversity and inclusion, intercultural and cross-cultural competency training.

Our training and coaching workshops are geared towards executives, people managers, and culture champions in all areas of an organization who want to grow and make a lasting impact in the world.


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Donna G. Jarvis, Director of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity, University of New England


“What a fantastic UNE-community collaboration! Thanks so much for coming to Maine and inspiring our community. I’m so looking forward to continuing work with you in Portland.”

Dr. Renee Collins, Associate Dean of Students, Western Washington University

Seconde, just now had a chance to watch your TED talk and loved it. Keep doing what you do and I look forward to what new trails you will blaze during 2017.” 

Tasha Richardson, Vice President, Human Resources, WYNDHAM Vacation Ownership

We received a lot of really positive feedback about Seconde Nimenya’s presentation; she certainly stood out! She did an outstanding job and incorporated personal stories which definitely touched a chord. She was amazing and inspiring!”

Joanne F. DeMark, Ph.D, Leadership Development Specialist, Western Washington University

Seconde, we cherish the gifts of your wisdom and journey that you shared with us. Thanks for visiting us on “sacred” ground in the territory of our collective spirits. It was a special two days!” 

Karen Stout, Ph.D. Bowman Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Director, Karen W. Morse Institute

Thank YOU for your great presentation and compassionate interaction with my students! I asked my students for some feedback and here is what we came up: “Seconde was able to understand and appreciate students’ comments and took a collective “we” approach to our conversation about race and other identity constructs aimed at developing dialogue. Seconde’s style of presenting validated the variety of perspectives people brought to our discussion. She was able to hold space for discomfort and waited for us to be brave enough to say something, but she did so in a way that was relaxed and compassionate that made everyone feel like they had something to contribute and something at stake in the conversation.”  

Walton Johnson, Ph.D., Professor, Rutgers University

“Thank you Seconde for coming to my class. I think you sensed the interest you stimulated in the students. Your story as well as your presentation is very inspiring. Your perspective on American race issues was also very insightful. I was pleased with the way you drew all of the students into the discussion.”

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How can we evolve through adversity and change our lives? It is one of life’s great questions. 

In Evolving Through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self, Seconde Nimenya answers the above question and demonstrates that the best way to overcome adversity is to go through it. Through her own life story, Seconde explains how to apply this transformational model by what she calls the RRU (Reflect, Rectify, and Unite) model. Her personal credo to evolve through adversity, and achieve any desired outcome is to take time to reflect on who you are, assess your situation, rectify what you don’t like, and reinforce or unite what you do like. In A Leader’s Companion Workbook to Evolving Through Adversity, Seconde details this model to inspire you with the strategies on how to evolve through your own adversities in life.

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